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Tick Bite Prevention

Tick Bite Prevention

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  • Black Legged Tick

    The Black legged tick can transmit Lyme, Anaplasmosis, Babesiosis, Ehrlichiosis, Relapsing Fever, and Powasan Virus. All life stages of this tick bite humans. The nymphs are tiny and hide well in dark places on your clothes and under the hair of your horses. The adult females are active year round when the temperature is above freezing.

  • Brown Dog Tick

    The Brown or Dog tick is capable of transmitting tularemia (Rabbit Fever). This can be spread by humans simply breathing in F. tularensis bacteria, as could happen when running over an infected carcass with a tractor or mower. They also spread Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. The female adults are most likely to bite horses and humans.

  • Column

    Groundhog Tick populations are increasing in the eastern US. They transmit Powassan Virus. This can cause deadly menengitis if not treated immediately. All life stages of the Groundhog tick can bite humans and the virus is transferred immediately.

Picture: Two Lancaster City Mounted Police Officers posing with an Extra Large Jug of TNT at the HorseExpo in Harrisburg, PA

Mounted Police protect their horses with TNT

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Our clients include hikers, mounted police, trail riders, kennels, fishermen and hunters. The naturally occuring ingredients in TNT will not frighten birds and deer while protecting hunters in the field.Anyone who spends time in nature will benefit from the protection TNT gives them.