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TNT Tick Control Product

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Tick Bite Prevention

Tick Bite Prevention

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Ticks and Diseases

Black Legged Tick Brown Dog Tick Groundhog Tick

Ticks are small but significant carriers of various diseases affecting humans and animals.

  • Black Legged Tick: Transmits multiple diseases like Lyme and Powassan Virus and is active year-round in warm temperatures.
  • Brown Dog Tick: Can spread tularemia and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, often biting dogs and humans.
  • Groundhog Tick: Population is rising in the eastern U.S., known for carrying the Powassan Virus which requires immediate medical attention.

Mounted Police protect their horses with TNT

Picture: Two Lancaster City Mounted Police Officers posing with an Extra Large Jug of TNT at the HorseExpo in Harrisburg, PA

Our clients include hikers, mounted police, trail riders, kennels, fishermen and hunters. The naturally occuring ingredients in TNT will not frighten birds and deer while protecting hunters in the field.

Anyone who spends time in nature will benefit from the protection TNT gives them.

Mission & Ingredients

Our goal is to empower every animal lover to eliminate ticks, not just repel them, reducing disease transmission to our cherished pets and loved ones.

As outdoor enthusiasts and pet owners, avoiding ticks is nearly impossible. Repellents are often ineffective and can be environmentally harmful, with some posing risks to cats, children, and wildlife. TNT's mission is to safely reduce tick populations.

TNT uses a unique, patent-pending process featuring calcium as a dessicant to dehydrate various pests, including ticks and fleas. Our finely milled formula adheres to animals and clothing, intensifying its drying effect. We also include mint to naturally deter flies.

TNT Tick Application


Your product is amazing! I have not seen a tick since using it! I have recommended your product to others because you solved my tick problem literally overnight. Thank you!

Debbie H, NJ

I love that the TNT girls are always willing to answer my emails. I had lots of questions at first but now love that it’s safe to use on my pregnant mare and her foal. I have used it in our dog kennels too. We just moved to a place with lots of ticks. TNT gives me great peace of mind. I can use it everywhere and not worry that it’s bad for my animals or family.

Charles W, PA

I use TNT on my dogs when we go camping and walk in the woods. They haven’t had a single tick! Plus, I love that the product is natural and won’t hurt me or the environment.

Kathryn L, NC

I discovered TNT over a year ago and haven’t looked back! My dog and I hike a lot in upstate NY where ticks are rampant. TNT gives me such peace of mind when we hit the trails. We’ve never found a tick on her after applying this amazing product!

Allison M, NJ

I have used TNT for ticks and fly larvae for years. Recently I tried it on the horse's ears and found that it controls the little ear gnats! What a great product!

Patty F, NY