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our story
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Kathy & Jan have been trail ride buddies for decades. Trying to rid our horses of leg biting flies, and through years of research and many years of trials we developed a product that gave us peace of mind while we rode on tick infested trails together. The evolution of this fly repellent resulted in an even longer lasting, more effective design that we call TNT-Tick Natural Terminator because we discovered it KILLS TICKS! We have used this product for over 30 years without seeing an embedded tick and now will not ride without it. Because it is so effective, we have decided to get TNT-Tick Natural Terminator out to the other people who love trail rides, hiking, or just keeping their animals and themselves tick free while helping to reduce the number of flies. Our milling formulation is what makes this product effective. All the ingredients are FDA approved, sourced and processed here in the United States. Our successful formula has evolved into a safe product that meets all six conditions of a Minimum Risk Pesticide as outlined by the EPA. Because our ingredients are FDA approved prior to milling, they are GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) for use around our homes ,barns, and families.

In over 20 years of field trials, on many animals, we are confident the TNT – Tick Natural Terminator is safe and effective. Our studies show it kills ticks in about 2 hours. That is before most ticks bite.

Our mission is to bring a safe, all natural products to you so that you can feel comfortable enjoying the outdoor activities you love. We were tired of using chemicals to repel and kill insect pests because they are mostly nerve agents with nasty side effects. Many of these labeled safe for use on horses are toxic to cats or other domestic animals. And most are not good for aquatic life in our ponds and streams. After researching many ingredients, we developed a safe, yet effective product that we are proud to offer. Originally designed by trail riders for trail riders, now many other people have told us about other applications where TNT-Tick Natural Terminator can be used, without the guilt of applying chemicals to the animals and people we care about. Our other products are designed with animal and owner safety in mind too. We will always source natural, safe ingredients before using them with our two and four legged families. We hope you think that is important.

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